How can I even out tan lines without tanning beds?

I am a soccer player, so I have “the soccer tan” on my legs. It is just my knee area that’s tan because of my shorts and shin guards. This makes my shins look so white!! I get countless comments on how bad my tan line is. What’s the easiest way to even out the tan on my legs?? Is there a good product to use?? Keep in mind that I am not one up for tanning beds. Thanks!!

Answer #1

I dont know, I have the same kinds of problems, but not in soccer, im in tennis and i have tan lines on my arms and legs, so i asked my friends what i should do and they said that i should use tanning lotion, i havent used it, but if you do use it tell me if it works out.

Answer #2

I would say to put oil on your white areas an just sit in the sun for 30 minutes or until you see some improvement. but make sure youwear sunscreen!:)

Answer #3

The skin you are exposing to the sun that is being tanned is being damaged just as much as if it were in a tanning bed. The only thing to do to get rid of them is to spend time in the sun with your legs uncovered or a tanning bed. Tanning beds are faster.

Or just wear a lot of flip flops and shorts when you are doing day to day stuff to expose the untanned skin to try and even it out. Many men think tan lines from sports gear are sexy. But that doesn’t help much when you want to dress up and look nice.

Answer #4

I have the same problem. I play softball, so I have the tan knees, arms, and neck. I generally just put a high SPF of sunscreen on the tan areas, and tanning lotion on the white areas. I also cover up as much of the tanned areas as possible when laying out. This seems to help, though not as much as I would like. :/

Answer #5

I play soccer too and I had THE worst tan lines last year, pretty horrible, but I solved it with going tanning in a bed, but use jergens natural glow, that stuff is good

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