I have black hair, with human hair extensions. and they look very natural. In your opinion if I wore fake eyelashes with subtle make up, (no eyeliner and natural foundation) do you think it would look ok or do you think it would look tacky?

Answer #1

I think itd look nice…not that it matter what any of us think because its your decision its all about what YOU like. :]

Answer #2

well try it if it feels good and looks good to you go for it if you dont like it well the only thing you lost was a few bucks its not like you are going for a tattoo! you can remove the make and lashes I say have fun and somthing new you never know you might realize you are the next top model! lol have fun …

Answer #3

so long as the eyelashes arent too long or obviously fake I.e. feathery or jewelled it should be fine

Answer #4

Go with using eyeliner anyway

Answer #5

Depends on the person. It can be tacky, or it can be done well. I wouldn’t risk it if you’re unsure as to how it’ll look.

Answer #6

too much I think.

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