What color highlights look best on dark hair?

What color highlights look best on dark hair? I have naturally dark brown almost black hair, I want to add highlights to break up the harshness except since my dark hair grow out quickly, I would like something that looks almost natural and not tacky. Any suggestions?

Answer #1

I wouldn’t go with any red tones because if you have dark hair already and it grows out it will look tacky. I would go for either a chocolate brown or even two shades lighter because then you won’t have to get your roots redone for about 5 months and it will look natural

Answer #2

Just a tone up from your hair colour HIGHLIGHTS Lighten up parts with a VERY small amount of bleach… …VERY SMALL…

Answer #3

always start off subtle. NEVER start by going blonde unless your hair is a mousy brown. go two shades lighter.

or ask your colorist what would look best.

hope I helped.

Answer #4

I like dark hair with carmel highlights.. I think thats what looks best with darker hair.. its not too blonde and not too dark

Answer #5

light brown and redish

Answer #6

definatly red (: but dont do chunky highlights…stick to thin ones (: they look great trust me…I dye my hair like ALL the time…either red or if you like crazy colors, do blue but b careful with blue because it can fade fast 2 green…lol

Answer #7

I am in the same boat you are… I have my appointment monday and I think I am just going with carmel highlights. hope all goes well

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