I dyed my bangs pink..

I just dyed my bangs pink.. Adn someone told me it makes me look tacky.. I think it looks good adn that they just have completely differnet style than me.. But I don’t know.. Do you think dying my bangs pink is tacky?? Im a skater girl so I have wierd style anyway…

Answer #1

no people used to tell me the same thing! “it looks ugly” but the truth is is that they wish they had it!! so dont let them get to you!!

Answer #2

uh that’s a little awkward but yeh don’t care what other people say.

Answer #3

Well You Shouldnt Care What People Say Love If YOU Like Them Then Just Fu*k The Haters =] I Personally Love Pink && Think Its An Amazing Idea You Go Girly! ♥

Answer #4

It CAN look tacky. It depends on if you can pull it off.

Answer #5

no if you like then go right ahead leave them that way… and anyone who doesnt like it too bad there not you…

Answer #6

pink is pimpin when I graduate im totally dying some or all of my hair pink! ^_^

Answer #7

Beat their asss

Answer #8

Hell no! dont listen to those whoress! I usd to have pinkk in my hair and soo what thats your style its your life not theirs if they got anything to say then just let em.dont let them control you huun be who YOU wanna be and dont listn too them haters I personally think pink in the hair is awesome! I miss my mine! it was awesome! soo listen to yerrself noot theem iight

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