Are lip and nose rings cute or not?

I kinda like nose rings and lip rings, but my mother said its tacky. I think a nose stub and ip ring is cute. What do you think??

Answer #1

im a guy and im nota nose ring kind of guy some girls might look pretty some not same with lip rings and if you get a lip piercing get a stud some lip rings hurt guys when you kiss them

Answer #2

personally I don’t like the lip. But I had my nose pierced and put in a small dimond and it was supper cute!

Answer #3

lip rings can make you look immature or “tacky” and stuff. nose rings look good as a stud but its hard to pull of without looking indecient

Answer #4

I used to have a lip ring and it looked really cute. I got a labret stud so it was small. Sam

Answer #5

some well most are sexyy

Answer #6

I dont like nose rings unless it is just a stud and only some people can really pull off a lip ring and look cute

Answer #7

I think lip rings are cute nose rings not so much well I am an emo in threning I should know

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