Ears pierced twice-- tacky or cute?

I want to get my ears pierced twice… do think its tacky or cute?

Answer #1

if you want them…get them dont be put off or swayed by other peoples opinions because they all vary I’ve got 26 earrings…but then again cute wasnt what I was going for I like peircings, so I get them if you want them, get them, if you dont want 2 more holes in your ears, dont

Answer #2

cute.cute.cute. getting your ears pierced twice is in right now. some parents dont agree.but I say let your child try it. well at least be in sixth. but if you dont like it you just take them out. but I think its cute. :)

Answer #3

I have mine pierced twice and im getting more this weekend w/out my parents knowin, they already know about thefirst two and I LOVE them, and they are cute, espically when me boyfriend plays with them. haha! and ya he said that girls look cute with 2 or 3 peircings. and ya, im getting my belly button pierced also for free, because my sister’s friend is a prof. ear piercer, so its awesome. anyway go for what you want! just have fun!

Answer #4

As xx said it does depend on your taste. I work for a high end jewellery company and get get women from the age of 3 to 80 who have more then one piercing in their ear and I think they look good. You can choose a variety of styles from huggy’s to studs to dress it up or down and you also have the option of pulling the second ones out if you want two separate styles just remember not too leave the earrings out of the holes for to long or they may close up.

Answer #5

I think it is cute. But it isn’t what others think it is all about what you want to do! :)

Answer #6

I have my ears pierced twice on the bottom and on the top. everyone says its cute and looks good so go for it!

Answer #7

It’s cute. Who doesn’t have their ears pierced nowadays?

Answer #8

I think its super cute! I have mine done twice and I love them :)

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