Shud I dress tacky for school today??

Shud I dress tacky for our tacky day today or not because im kinda shy and I dont have a lot of frinds on my bday unlike my aday and I feel like it would be akward please help me out shud I dress tacky or not

Answer #1

better you concentrate on your studies…and bring spare clothes also

Answer #2

be a little tacky not over the top and yeea ^ bring spare clothes

Answer #3

bring spare clothes in case you look like an ars

Answer #4

I think you should dress tacky.. You say your shy and you dont have many friends well this can be an oppurtunity to meet new people or it also can be a way not to stand out.. if you dont dress tacky and everyone else is tacky your going to stand out and everyone will notice the one person who is not dressed like everybody else.. I think you should do it but dont go over board with it… you shouldnt really worry about what anyone else thinks because you are unique in your own way and if you dont feel comfortable dressing that way then dont do it but if you feel comfortable then go for it..

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