what are the support for adults caring for a child with special needs?

The adults support children with special need. so who supports the adults then.? what organisations and how.?

Answer #1

That’s kind of an offensive question… But there are support programs for children with special needs such as if you were in Ontario, there’s something called the Ontario Disability Support Program. You shouldn’t really have children if you don’t know how to look after them…

Answer #2

Its your responsibility to look after yourself.

Answer #3

I disagree, i dont see how that was offensive. Also, when you plan on having children there is no way to know if your child will be born with special needs and there is no way to prepare for that. Parents needing support and help is completely understanable and neccassary in almost all families with special needs children. There are tons of organizations out there that offer support and awareness, its only a click away to search for them, and it just depends on what disability the child has as to what type of support groups there are.

Answer #4

There are many organizations/charities that have program that offer support to the adults that take care of special needs children. I think groups like the March of Dimes, Easter Seals etc. I

Answer #5

i help my mum wid my dad as i got 2 specil needs bros and 1 sis but there still ppl if parents cant look after a kid how eva they are then wat was the point in kids parents can indeed look after themselfs there are qwite a few charetires and organisations i dont no the names but look in goole and you should get ya answer =)

Answer #6

Hahaha, wow, and the question is offensive?

Answer #7

Wow. That’s out of order.

Answer #8

Nation Down Syndrome Society(NDSS) Helps out parents with children who have down syndrome. This is their policy and goal: http://funadvice.com/r/beleba7dped

Tourettes Sydrome Association(TSA) Hepls out parents with childrenwho have tourettes. This is their history and mission: http://funadvice.com/r/14lb1474kfn

Autism Society- They help out with Austism. Here’s a where you can find out about them: http://funadvice.com/r/14lb1474me4

Support for Families of Children with Disabilities(SFCD) They help families who have children with all sorts of disabilites, they’re not limited to just one. Here’s about them and their mission: http://funadvice.com/r/beleba7fjsv

Answer #9

Right, tttaaafffiiieee, if you gave birth, and it turns out your child has disabilities you didn’t know about before, would you keep it and look after it, looking to organisations for help so you could do the best for your child and give it a loving environment, or would you want your child to be taken away from you to ‘someone who can look after them’? Think about it.

Answer #10

There was nothing offensive about the question, however your answer was extremely offensive. There is nothing wrong with an adult needing some support. You dont grow up and magically learn to cope with every sitation that comes your way, and asking for help doesnt make you an irresponsible person. Becoming a parent is hard enough, and there is no way to be fully prepared for every aspect of it. Becoming a parent to a child with disabilities is harder still, and you have no right to judge a person in that situation.

Answer #11

Wow, tttaaafffiiieee, that’s incredibly rude of you. People have no control over the fact they may have a child with special needs. I think you need a crash course in manners and life for that matter. The most responsible thing to do is to look for help when you need it, rather than try it on your own.

Answer #12

Also a lot of the time the government will offer financial support to families with special needs children. I know many here in the US who have special needs children and special needs adults and they get money from our state (Michigan) to help them along with specific organizations specializing in each need.

Answer #13

Just in case none of you guys knew and are making f’n assumptions, I happen to have a brother with disabilities thanks. I’m more than happy to list what they are as well. Maybe I might’ve read the question wrong, but for you guys to all gang up on me like this and hassle me, isn’t called for. When I read questions like these, it upsets me thinking of it. I can’t believe parents these days would give up their child because they can’t handle the fact that their child has a severe disability. My mother has done it for 14 years. A single mother of 4… & a child whose got severe brain based disabilities… So do explain how I’m being rude? Thanks.

Answer #14

Make sure you read my post down below, thanks ;) C U Next Tuesday!

Answer #15

So why the heck are you guys all explaining this to me, when I already know what it’s like for a mother to look after a child with disabilities? Tell me to think about it? Think about your assumptions again… Read what I stated.. Make your point..

Answer #16

The way in which you approached your answer was offensive. And exactly, you know exactly how demanding it can be to raise and properly look after someone with severe disabilities. And I have every respect for your Mum, and your family. I can’t imagine what it must be like. But there is nothing wrong in asking for support in looking after a child with special needs. The asker never mentions giving up their child. They are just finding it difficult to cope, and need help in order to provide the child with the best quality of life they can.

Answer #17

Sometimes you can go to social servises and they will help you with things like that. He also can get SSI which is also a help for costs and stuff like that.

Answer #18

Omg, you are actually SO rude tttaaafffiiieee. That’s out of order.

Answer #19

Thanks. & its not easy looking after a kid you tell millions of times to stop, but they just don’t listen & it doesn’t get to them. You can tell them over & over & they will keep doing the opposite. Its also difficult when they’ve got a hyperactive disorder & a hearing impairment along with a speech impediment. Which you ask nicely for them to lower their voice & 5 mins later, their loud again. I deal with the stress everyday. We’re getting help from physcologists right now to diagnose him with more severities. Like I said, I may have read it wrong. And that’s not what I meant for my answer to come out as. Which was interpret the wrong way, both ways. Reason I said what I said is clearly because, “The adults support children with special need. so who supports the adults then.? what organisations and how.?” That question to me sounded like she was basically saying, Heck with supporting the child if they can’t support the adult.. There’s actually not really much for them to do about the adults, but there are things they could do to HELP you with the child. Yes, you look after the child, but most of the support is there to help both bond together. My apology to the asker though.

Answer #20

ROFL…Love it. C U Next Time!!

Answer #21

Way to handle a little criticism. Seriously, to resort to name calling…really? How adult of you. Maybe next time it would be wise to make sure you understand the question before jumping to conclusions about someone’s parenting abilities.

Answer #22

Its a course work question, i dont understand why it is rude.?

Answer #23

Selen if you read her explanation in the comments under her answers then you’ll understand why she was so insultingly mistaken :)

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