Do those who commit suicide go to Hell?

A friend of mine recently committed suicide and many people have told me people that if someone commits suicide they go to hell because its the unforgivable sin and others have told me you go to heaven as long you believe in Jesus. I know I will never know the true answer until I go to heaven but I was curious to hear from other people. so what do you think…if you commit suicide do you go to heaven or hell.

Answer #1

I am not sure how it works hun but I have heard when you kill your self you dont go to the astral planes but no one is sure of that maybe you go to one of the two unreacheables instead of one of the other five but no on can know for sure but the astral planes are not the final stage of life for you either move on immediately or stay on the five until you solve the problem not allowing you to move forward after that no one knows where you go I personally believe to one of the two unreacheable planes and I dont know what to believ about them but I am under the impression that one is heaven one is hell but as I said they are not reacheable and no one knows not a single person bt if you want to see your friend still without dying I strongly suggest learning astral projection and if you get good enough and strong enough I have heard of a few cases wher one is able to reach the other two planes but I cannot say if this is true but any ways get to learn astral projection just google it but dont trust everything you read on there I reall suggest getting th book “ASTRAL DYNAMICS” accurat book and how to do it and yes EVERYONE has tha ability to do this but you must keep an open mind and not give up well hope it helped and no this is not in any way shape or form a sin or against god so go for it

Answer #2

Just because some one on this blog says they do not beleive in heaven or hell, does not change the fact that heaven and hell what if they say they don’t beleive in arrogant, they are not God how can they say that the very place where God lives does not foolish..and how can they say the place where satan lives does not exist thats even crazier…any who..people who commit suicide do go to hell, if a child committed suicide and did not know it was wrong of course that child would not go to hell, I will give you a perfect example and real life situation..a 12 year old girl from San Diego mother died, her mom always told her that once they leave the planet she will be with Jesus in heaven, the mother died in a car accident..the little girl walked in front of a train because she knew she could not see her mother until she was dead..that girl did not know about suicide and she killed herself to see her mom, she was not aware of God’s rules, God forgives those who did not know about his rules..if you know and committ suicide you have a one way ticket to hell…that little 12 year old is in heaven with her mom..I strongly suggest you go to this website it will help you very very much especially about suicide and how God thinks..the sin is unforgivable but as you see there are some exceptions..if you don’t know better God will not condemn you..however everyone that is reading this knows better…and have no exist..hell is very and you are in torment for ever once it happens…no coming back…it will never end the suffering and flames all over that person’s body..but they made the bad choice to forsake God and kill themselves…

Answer #3

Before I state my opinion on this question, I must stress to you that it is important for you to investigate all of the answers on this page. Don’t just accept my opinion, or any other person’s, simply because it sounds good to you. Remeber that just because you think you’re right, doesn’t mean that what you think is true. The belief that suicide will automatically send your sould to hell is a doctrine that was originally produced within the Catholic church. In the Catholic church, the word of the Pope is believed to be infalliable, or as good as the Word of God. Over the centuries, one of the Popes made the claim that suicide will send your soul to hell. The only problem with this is that you cannot find this doctrine in scripture, neither can you find even one verse that even talks about the pope. The Bible teaches that the only sin that will send someone to hell is the sin of unbelief. Therefore, the action of committing suicide alone cannot send someone to hell unless it is accompanied by the sin of rejecting Jesus Christ. Hope this helps you. If you have any other questions, please post them and I would be happy to answer.

Answer #4

My dad was saved, but, somehow Satan was able to trip him up, and get him off track. I think maybe it happened thru the loss of a child. Never did know for sure, because all of this happened before I was born.

The whole time I knew him, he was an alcoholic. He never lived in the victory that the Lord promises. He did love the Lord. He taught us about God, even though he did not go to church. He taught me to love Gods word. I memorized the Lords prayer, and the 23rd Psalms as a young child.

He eventually took his life. I know how many people there are that say that a person that does this goes to hell.. I have never belived this of my dad. I believe that I will see him, in heaven. And the reason I believe that, is because salvation is a gift. One that we do not deserve. I do not believe in a God, that would take back a gift that is so important and precious.

I know that many do. and I suppose that the church is probably divided about 50/50 on this issue. None of us will know for sure, until we cross into the next life. I do not reccommend this to anyone, nor can I say for sure, that you will not go to hell for it. All I can say, is what I believe. And it won’t do anyone any good to try and convince me otherwise, I will carry this belief to my grave.

I would suggest to anyone that is contemplating this, to seek the help of a good deliverance ministry. I believe this is the work of an evil spirit. They hate God, and the only way they can hurt him, is thru his children. If they can cause us to stumble… and fall, they are delighted. We will not be able to shout the victory.. nor will we be an effective witness… I believe that Satan tries his best to trip up everyone that comes to Christ. That is why we need to know Gods word. Our power comes from it, along with the spirit. We need other believers, but, we need God more.

Answer #5

thank you all very much.

see ya heres the thing to though my friend was all for God. God was always on his mind but he had a lot of problems at home and felt he needed to be with God now

Answer #6

im sorry but being suicidal myself, were not thinking about going to heaven or hell…its unbearbale when you get that low…and leaving this earth feels like the only way to stop the pain most of the time. dont judge people if youve never felt the pain that comes with depression. its a disease not a choice.

Answer #7

nowhere in the bible does it say that if you commit suicide you go to hell.. so therefore I dont believe you do go to hell if you do. but like you said. you wont really know the truth until you go to heaven. hope this helps alli.

Answer #8

If you attempt suicide but before you die, you ask to be forgiven, then you are forgiven if not. Judas had the same fate.

Answer #9

do you read your bible? cause if thats what you beleive you need to be SAVED to enter the kindom of heaven? and you cant say your saved and go off and curse and swear and drinnk or what have you..and if you have ever met someobdy that was saved you would know because they have something we dont have…

Answer #10

My friend Commited Suicide in november, I belive that He went To hevan, he was always there for me always Listened to everyones problems, and never complained, but when Emma (his sister) killed her self I don’t think Adam could Stand it, so he killed him self, I belive they are in hevan together. ;]]

Answer #11

Well you cannot be forgiven for Murdering yourself if you kill yourself. . . I find suicide a cowards choice, I’ve never morned anyone who commited suicide, including a friend. . And I did consider it once.

Answer #12

I believe that if you were so lost in your own misery that you kill yourself, you were already in hell. it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, so I don’t endorse it.

Answer #13

Unless you have been in the situation mentally where you have even thought about suicide you have not right to answer the question. People think about suicide becuse to them they cant see a way out of whatever their situation no matter what that is. Be it mental or whatever most people do believe they are doing the world a favour. So before you judge someone for doing it maybe do some research into what causes that thought pattern before they do it. It does seem selfish but having once been in the situation its like somthing takes over you and you dont knows what your doing. Thats why it happens to people who are big in business or homeless or farmers etc it can happen to anyone.

Answer #14

I myself believe in reincarnation, however if I were Christian(being honest here) I’ld say Limbo(if I’m correct I think it’s either the 1st to 2nd level of hell). I don’t believe in taking your own life, there’s no reason for it unless, lets say, you were a captive of war or something & it was either kill yourself or risk betraying your country, or something along the lines for the greater good. Then again I’ld also believe hell is a place for big time sinners, & I don’t really think that it is a great sin compared to homicide, rape, & such. Perhaps you’ll see her in heaven, you never know.It is said the Christian God is forgiving so depending on the circumstances she will be forgiving.

Answer #15

I think it is not fair…Right now I’m want to die… To many bills, not getting along with my wife… I have lived 51 years…this is anugh for me. It time to just stop the pain…

Answer #16

I don’t believe in heaven or hell so I believe she/he went no where. However, (if religion is true) then it depends. I THINK that if you believe in jesus it doesn’t garuntee you a spot, it garuntee’s you a spot, IF you didn’t commit any sins. So if all these rules and an afterworld are real and true, then you would go to hell.

Answer #17

I think live is way to long…I just wish would come to a end and that way I don’t have to go to hell…

Answer #18

51 years is long enough..tired of having no money, fighting with my wife… I just I could die in my sleep I hope just thinking these thaught won’t sent me to hell…

Answer #19

I think you will go to heaven if you commit suicide!

Answer #20

The reason you cant say anything is beacuase its all up to God only God knows your heart

Answer #21

really it’s in personal opinion, I don’t entirely believe in heaven and hell, but I would think heaven to be happier.

Answer #22

the bible says God gave God take I think that only God had the right to take life away not a person. I believe that we cant take our own life away because is a gift that God gave us. The bible does say that taking your own life away can be a sin but I canot reacal what vers or chapter in the bible it says that. But anyways in my own opinion taking your life away is a sin and you cant repent after your dead.

Answer #23

well first of all the only unforgivable sin is blasphmy agaist the holy spirit which can only be commited by non chrisitians, so I know that only saved christans who have given their lifes to christ will make it to heaven, JUST because you DONT BELEIVE IN HEAVEN OR HELL DOESNT MEAN IT GOES AWAY;)

Answer #24

I’ve heard of a true story of an Evangelist who led many to Christ, committed suicide - something happened and he wasn’t his normal self - that doesn’t change the fact that he was Saved in his lifetime and once Saved you have been bought with a price (Jesus sacrifice) and his name recorded in the Book of Life - so I definitely believe we’ll see him in Heaven !!…hope this helps !

Answer #25

According to the words attributed to Jesus’ in the NT, the ONLY unforgivable sin is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. So, suicide IS forgivable.

…of course, I’m obligated to say that heaven, hell, and god, don’t exist anyway.

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