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Why do I keep getting dreams about my friend who committed suicide?

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So a close friend of mine 'mike' committed suicide in January. He shot himself right in the forehead. At the funeral it was open casket. this whole thing it really hurt me I find myself thinking about it everyday. Right after the funeral I found myself having these dreams. IN my dream I keep seeing him shoot himself. Then in march I had a really weird dream. IN my dream 'mike' told me he was sorry he did it. He told me that he didnt mean to hurt me but it had to be done. Then he said the reason he did was because some guy was really mean to him that day and he couldnt take it anymore. Is it possible that someone who has died can communicate to you in your dreams? Then last night I had another weird dream. this time I was in the room where he shot himself I was going through his stuff and I found a journal. if only I could remember what the journal said. In my dream they painted over the walls because there was blood everywhere. I was chipping the paint because he wrote on the wall by the floor where the bookshelf was that held the journal. I also dont remember what it said. Can anyone help? I dont know what to do at all.