Is suicide a mortal sin and is it selfish?

My moms friend commited suicide…he was 19, smart,and sweet. I dont understand why everyones saying hes selfish and hes going to hell………..

Answer #1

according to some religions, it is a sin. i don’t view it as selfish; some people are so broken, beat-down, depressed, and scared that they feel like they have no other alternatives. some people truly hate living, for whatever reason.

Answer #2

Depending on what religion you follow, yes it is a mortal sin. It’s considered selfish because of all the pain death causes to the family and friends of that person. If you’ve ever had someone close to you pass away (who didn’t commit suicide), you know how sad and horrible it is. Now if someone commits suicide, the people closest to the victim will feel even worse because of guilt of not being able to stop it, and that it was preventable.

Answer #3

I have read the Bible fairly extensively and have yet to find one place in it that explains that suicide is a sin. I have held this conversation with many who believe that it is and that it is in there…. somewhere……and yet I haven’t had anyone show me where yet.

Maybe someone here can tell me where to look… until that time, I think this belief is held by men and not something Biblical.

I am sorry for your loss and may your friend rest in peace.

Regards, ~Jada~

Answer #4

It isn’t laid out word for word in the bible, so we have to look to passages that will lead to what God wants.

Answer #5

Thank you for the information. I will certainly take a look at it.


Answer #6

Yes… I have read all of that.

I still clearly feel that it is a matter of interpretation. It’s only my opinion and I respect yours as well.

Thanks again…..

Answer #7

somee people dont have suport

Answer #8

yes it is a mortal sin. and it is an incredibly selfish act. it leaves all of the persons loved ones asking why, and what could they have done to prevent it. their lives are destroyed because of one persons selfishness. instead of giving up, no matter how bad things are, the person should smarten up, and verbally reach out for help, instead of taking the easy road out.

Answer #9

but he isnt going to hell or anything like that.

Answer #10

a bit too late for tht ;0

Answer #11

thnx tht means alot

Answer #12

My apologies

Answer #13

Youre welcome. and i mean it. i hate people who think they have the right to damn others to hell just because they view it as not good. they have no right. so either disregard them, or defend him because he cant

Answer #14

There are places you can get support. There’s groups you can reach out to if you are too ashamed to talk to family and friends. Don’t get me wrong, I am truly sorry for your loss. I can’t say where he’ll end up because I have no clue. I do hope that wherever he winds up, he will finally find the happiness that has eluded him.

Answer #15

Whether its a unforgivable sin depends on your personal religous beliefs and what religion you follow. What bothers me about people calling a person selfish for ending their lives is - arent the loved ones being “left behind” also being selfish for only thinking about their suffering and pain? It seems pretty selfish to me to think about yourself and the pain your feeling over the pain and suffering the other person must have felt.

Answer #16

It could be depending on what religion you are at. I don’t really think it’s selfish at all. I don’t really know why people would think is selfish, but I don’t, when you do such thing I think is mostly because your thinking about yourself, but also about other and how it would be better if you just weren’t there. So I don’t really think it’s selfish at all.

Answer #17

The sin part depends on the religion. The selfish part depends on the self centeredness on those judging. Why should anyone have to live in order to reduce someone elses suffering? Talk about being selfish and self centered.

Answer #18

Depending on who you are and how you were raised will all depend on what you would call a suicide. Not everyone calls it either one of those some people call it a sad thing.

Answer #19

I honistly dunno about the sin part..i dont got much on that..but selfish? I think its not.. it truley depends..i think that its the easy way out but you can NEVER feel that way & call it selfish,is it harming others? yes..but is it helping u? my oppinion,those who didnt help that person seek help,or understand them as in i think the people who dont help that person like dont take time to geet to know them to see what is under that deep layer of skin is there thoughts,there sadness,their anger. They are the selfish ones..but thats only how I see it,most dont agree with me.

Answer #20

thank you

Answer #21

Thank you so much it means alot that some1 really knows what to think and believe in.

Answer #22

Thank you

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