Is my friend thinking about suicide?

Well my friend has been acting really weird lately. It’skind of scary. she’s been meaner to me and she hasn’t been wanting to come to school and stuff. It’s just really weird and she keeps saying she hates her life, does she really? is she thinking about suicide?

Answer #1

i was suicidal and still kinda am so if she says stuff like that i would watch out . Don’t ask her cause she will probably deny it, so just try and find out without directly asking. PLus if all of a sudden(out of know where or somehting extreme) she seems happier it might mean she made her mind up to commit suicide so it don’t mean she is over it most likely. Get some help if it gets worse or u think she will do it. CAuse its usually not to get attention

Answer #2

You could just straight up ask her when the time’s calm and cosher if she’s ever thought of it. Then just talk, get coffee or chips and talk about it. It’s not healthy for her to keep it in.

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