Suicidal friend

My friend has a medical condition called CVS, cyclic vomiting syndrome. She passes out a lot and it had been getting worse in the past few weeks. Two weeks ago I found out from another friend that she was pregnant with twins. the doctor told her that the babies would kill her before they were born and the chance of them surviving was slim. She decided she did not want them to grow up without a mother, and her health was decreasing. She looked sick all the time. She has attempted suicide multiple times now. She has tried overdosing, jumping off the roof, and a myriad of other ways. Her parents are not speaking to her because of her choice. I think she has PAS. I really want to help her. but the problem is that I’m not supposed to know about her abortion. If she finds out I know, that will hurt the trust between all of us. But if I don’t help, her attempt might not fail the next time. What should I do?

Answer #1

She is 18. Her best friend lost his baby last week and he killed himself so that’s making it even harder for her. Not to mention that the first person she told told her that she is going to hell.

Answer #2

talk to her ask her whyshe is acting like this and she might tell you herself it took my best friend 2 years to tellme that she had been preggy and got an abortion and wit the friends being suicidal just try your best to keep her mind off of it keep inviting her out try making sure that she is with someone most of the time. btw how old is she ?? you need to get her to open up and talk to people that she trusts the longer she bottles it up the worse it will get

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