how do you stretch the inside of your elbow?

I was pitching for my school team and only went two innings, nyway the next day my arm felt fine but as soon as we started throwing in practice the inside part of my arm near the elbow became really sore and it hasnt gone away:( Nyway I’m probly going to be pitching again saturday and I want to but if my arm is still this sore there is no chance.

If this helps put your left index finger on your right elbow move a couple inches to the left nd then about an inch or two towards your sholder(thats where the pain starts) now run your finger another 6 inches or so towards your shoulder)thats where it stops)

so how do i stretch that area out?

Answer #1

Sounds like you have a pulled muscle, don’t stretch it. Contrary to popular belief you shouldn’t stretch muscles if they are sore because you could worsen the injury. Rather apply ice and rest it as much as you can, that will be much more effective than trying to stretch it and you should be much better by Saturday.

Answer #2

well iv heard and im a dancer so i pull stuff and make my muscles sore alot, heating them and lightly stretching helps me iceing and heating back and forth is something iv been told to do(:

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