What types of stretches will help me with the splits?

I wanna be able to train my self to do the splits…the box splits and the other way… I know its down to stretching most of it…but what type of stretches..etc…

Answer #1

Hey. It take a lot of time to start doing the splits, and some people can never do it. so good luck. The stretches you need to do are pretty basic.

  • Both legs out in front of you, One led to side on the right then left, Both legs out and touch your toes, reachinf futher each time -sit on your knees and stick one leg out at a time and lean forward, try touch you head to your knee
  • put your leg up on the back of a chair or bar and reach your body over try touch you head to your knees or touch your toes

you can probably re-search these on the internet aswell.

and if possible to help your flexibility you can join a dance class, or do pilates, yoga etc

hope this helps :)

Answer #2

thank youuu =)

I will try them.. I did used to do dance now and again.. and now that I’m 20 I dont want to join adult classes but I know somewhere that I can go because a friend runs it… which I will be going to soon.. I hope lol

also doin theses stretches is just for a lil bit of exercise too!! as well as doin what I already do… just fancy getting a little bit more flexible =) xx

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