Stray cat in my back yard

How do I keep a stray cat out of my back yard? I let my cat out in the back yard (she cant climb the fence, and the bottom is blocked off so she cant get out), only this orange tabby keeps climbing over. Today the stray chased her into the house (it actually partially came in before I yelled at it)

Answer #1

this is a tuff one. We have clients complain about this almost everyday. I would make sure your cat is spayed, He may be smelling her and want to breed. the only other advice I would have is to set up a live trap and once you get him either call the pound, go to the owners house and tell them your two cents, or drive a good distance and drop him off at another location.

Answer #2

well, it is quite hard to keep other cats out your back yard, ou may want to get your cat spayed/neutered to get rid of the chance of a pregnancy.

You can buy collars that are like magnets so only your cat can get through to your house…


Answer #3

my cat is spayed… the other cat just seems to enjoy tormenting her (this isnt the first time she’s been chased into the house) I dont want to put the other cat in the pound to be killed (it doesnt have a tag)

Answer #4

my granparent used to put lion poo in their garded to keep cats out! try spraying the cat with water everytime it comes on your fensem like a water gun… it will soon learn! your poor cat :(

Answer #5

We used an animal repellent. They pretty much keep any animals you don’t want out your garden. Basically it comes in a spray bottle, then I guess you would just spray it on the top of your fence. Available at all good DIY stores near you! (lol)

Answer #6

keep a dog in your back yard

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