cats and how do I get them to stop doing there douty in my yard

I am so tired of these darn cats peing and pooping in my yard . help The pound and I know each other well . Thay gave me a trap about 2 years ago . the nabor keeps branging new cats home every day . It stinks so bad in our yard . I cleen it up all the time . and yes I even dig the dirt up to. As for Vinager I think cats like it .I have even tried Bleach for the stinch.

Answer #1

Cayenne Pepper it is safe for the plants and is cheap in large containers at Sam’s or Cosco one of those warehouse stores.

Also I have found out if I take my coffee grounds and dump them where the cat has pooped, they won’t poop there again.

These are natural products that work and won’t hurt the cat or garden.

My neighbor feeds stray cats (they are all her babies and there most be 30 cats over there at times. I like cats, but not pooping in my yard.

Answer #2

You could try a hot wire around your fence…to stop climbing… like the hot wires that keep horses in pastures.

Answer #3

Just trap them; drive them to far away (about 10 miles) area and let them go to the wood. Do it everyday until you see no cats in your yard.

Answer #4

I don’t really know if cat’s can understand a concept like god

Answer #5

You might try a water balloon - if they get ready, toss it but don’t let them see you - works often because they tend to think it’s an act of God - scares them and they won’t go back there !…Take care !!

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