Is it a bad idea to take a stray cat in?

There is this beautiful cat that has come to our door the past 4 nights - I wanted to take her in the 2nd night but my parents said no. It has now started snowing here and we dread not taking her in because shes probley off cold somewhere. My parents gave me the news this morning that the next time she comes back I’m allowed to keep her. I held her last time she came she was all muddy and didn’t have a tag, I really want her.

What are the precautions when taking in a stray?

Answer #1

no its fine you need to check for infection and be fully equipt!!!

Answer #2

There are a few things to consider - if it is truly a stray cat, it could have fleas, ticks, or worms … you’ll have to bring it in to the vet for a check up. When she’s in your house, she may require some time to feel comfortable in her surroundings … don’t push the friendliness too much at first. Also, you’ll probably have a difficult time if you’re trying to convert her into an indoor cat … cats who have been free often want to be let back out.

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