Help on stray cat and kitten

A cat came up to my window a few days ago looking scared and underfed and was limping so I started feeding it and it now sleeps in the house and even sat on my lap the other day (=, but I noticed a lump on the back of its neck which looks like a tumour ) trying to find a vet I can afford right now.but now a little kitten has started comin to the window looking very underfed and terrified.I have started giving it food through the window but it runs away at any sudden movement so cant get to close.I dont know what to do,im out of work right now and affordin a vet for one cat will b a struggle nevermind two,,but I couldnt live with myself if I just ignored the poor wee thing,,,any advise please?

Answer #1

you dont have to go to a exspenceive vet if you have a local spca or aspca you could go down there and see if they can do it of give yoou a adress and number of a free clinic you might want to also have the cat tested for rabies and everything if you have other pets also a flea dip fleas are growing obundent this year also you might want to trap it in order to bring it to a place

Answer #2

You are doing all you can right now. As far as the first kitten goes, I do not think that lump is camcerous because I have know many other animals to have the. You can either take it to the vet and drain or leave it and it eventually goes away. About the second cat just lave food, maybe it will eventually let you pet it.

Answer #3

Yeah…call around, and check prices. The lump may be a abcess (cats get them from fighting)…and may just need to be drained, along with some antibiotics (which are fairly cheap)…

My vet gave my neighbor and I a discount just because we’d taken in a stray cat…there’s more “heart” out there than we realize.


Answer #4

there may be like free animal clinics around your area, try doing some research about where one is where you live.

Answer #5

yeah, the best you can do is try im a MAJOR cat person, so id say definitely help!! im sure if you go to an animal shelter they can also help out

Answer #6

Call around and check prices. Some Vets are very cheap and others aren’t. Explain your situation. Go to the one that listens and will work with you and tell you a price over the phone. An honest Vet’s assistant will do this over the phone.

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