Why does my cat get angry when anyone touches her back feet?

The only thing that is different about my cat to others is that she is a polydactyl feline. Polydactyl means she has more toes than other cats.

Answer #1

maybe its because it has hurt its back legs or its just not in the mood too be touched

Answer #2

Does she limp? Maybe she’s having cramps or hurt herself/hiself. If so bring her to the vet. If not i do not know but you could just go to the vet and ask her. Or maybe it’s just as simple as she doesn’t like people touching her feet?

Answer #3

well shes not a year old yet and shes runs and walks fine

Answer #4

Its a cat. They aren’t naturally social animals. They like physical attention because they are very tactile, but they are not naturally social. Just don’t touch his/her back feet. It obviously annoys it.

Answer #5

Many cats in general don’t like their feet being touched. Maybe she just doesn’t like the feeling.

Answer #6

Some cats don’t like being touched/stroked in certain places. I knew a cat who didn’t like being stroked at the back of his back near his tail and my cat didn’t like he tummy being stroked.

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