Why are my neutered cat's testicals growing back?

My male cat was neutered about 1-1/2 years ago and through out this time his testicles have been growing back. Why is this happening?

Answer #1

I am no vet but I will try to explain this to you because my cat went throught the same thing. I got him neutered way before he even had balls to speak of. Like 8 months later I noticed that his berrys were getting bigger. So I called and demanded an explination. The vet said that he did not cut the line or remove the testicles, he simply drained them of any of the “stuff” that makes them fertile. So in the long run his little thingys do grow, they just have no use to him anymore. Now I am not a vet and I don’t know your particular situation, but this is what my experience was, so maybe you can call your vet and see exactly what he or she did just to make sure. Is he spraying anywhere? If he is you have your self a botched job. Hope this helped a little at least.

Answer #2

Wow your testicals don’t grow back when they take em off !?

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