Is there a higher power

I have to ask is there a higher power at all ny last year I lost a good job for doing my job then I could find a job even a part time job over the entire year. So I ask if god exists then why did I suffer the whole year? I used to go to church I put my money into my church. I had joined a new church then all of a sudden I lost everything my job,house,self respect because of my faith that I had. I feel better now but I can’t have the belief I used to havebecause of what I went through and still am going through

Answer #1

a lot of preaching is prosperity preaching and it is false. mark 10:30. our reward is not here but eternal. endure this world and just follow Jesus and you will receive eternal life.

Answer #2

Beliefs belong to the individual. For me - no. For others - yes. Only YOU can decide what makes sense to you.

Answer #3

Nobody knows… people can only tell you what they BELIEVE…

Answer #4

I think there is but I do not think its one god like Christians do.

Answer #5

I know what you mean Mate.

havent been able to find a damned job for more then a Year now.

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