Can you still get stds even if you use condoms?

Answer #1

Yes, it’s not 100% effective, only about 96% if you use it CORRECTLY. However it is a LOT better to use one that nothing at all.

Answer #2

Not very likely…

Pretty safe.

Answer #3

sex is not the only way to get an std.but if the condom breaks then there is a chance but if your careful then im sure you will be ok :)

Answer #4

Yes if it leaks.

Answer #5

Uhm YES!

Answer #6

Actually people get confused about this all the time. Condoms are highly effective, but they are not perfect. It’s only 99% against pregnancy. When it comes to STDs it is a lot less effective (although of course a lot better than nothing). It reduces the risk of contracting HIV and gonorrhea by 80%, HPV by 70%, the rest vary (also depends on the study) between 50% to 75% or so. You are not eliminating the risk of contracting an STD.

Answer #7

Regardless of how many condoms you wear, don’t rub your open cuts on other people’s open cuts.

Answer #8

99.9999999999999999999999999999% (reoccuring) effective - as said before if used correctly - but i think your can still get things like crabs from them?

Answer #9

ya its safe… if you use by proper way and use it in proper care

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