Do you still wear a condom while on birth control?

I start birth control tonight for my first time. I just want to know if you still have to use a condom while being on birth control. Im 16 and have a boyfriend of 2 years. If we didnt have to use a condom we wont. And I know if I wanted too be extra safe then I should use one no matter what. I just need your input and exsperience.

Answer #1

what about the implion do you have to wear a condom

Answer #2

The percet after you are 100% safe is .01 so people stop being dumb ask whoever gave you the birth control because with different types that number will vary ask just to be safe:) GOOD LUCK!!

Answer #3

Birth control is pretty effective but I’d still use a condom. There’s always flaws and it’s just better to be safe then pregnant. good luck tho hope this helped

Answer #4

yes,plus you don’t want to catch anything nor have a child on the way

Answer #5

I was once almost in the same boat as you.. use a condom, I’ve known plenty of people who were on birth control and didn’t use a condom, still got pregnant… also birth control can take up a month to effectively work on your body, everybody is different.

Answer #6

well you dont have to wear one at all…but birth control is only so effective…and that is if you take birth control the right way…at the SAME time every day…plus it takes about 3 months before it helps against getting you pregnant…so still use one for at least 3 months…

Answer #7

You are supposed to use one for the first month while you are on the pill before you are completely protected. Even then if you take the pill every day at the exact same time there is still the slight percent you can get pregnant and every time you take it late or miss a day of taking your pill you make that percentage much bigger and it is safer to use a condom for a week or so until you are back on track with your pills.

Answer #8

Good for you for being responsible about having sex!!!

BC pills are the most effective method of birth control there is … if it is done correctly. But pills offer ZERO protection from STDs, whereas condoms offer a great deal of protection from STDs.

Condoms should be used for the first 3-4 weeks that you are on BC pills; also for the remainder of the pill pack if you forget to take your pills; also if you are taking ANTIBIOTICS (they lower the effectiveness of hormonal BC pills)

Condoms are not needed for birth control as long as you are following the correct usage for the pills. If you are paranoid about birth control or you are in a non-monogamous, or short term relationship, then also use condoms.

Answer #9

Yes, the more safe the better, also birth control doesn’t protect you from STD’s.

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