Can I still get pregnant?

Can I get pregnant even though I used a condom?

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im just asking for my girlfriend. but even if I didnt cum she cud still be pregnant?

Answer #3

If used correctly condoms are up to 97% effective. Therefore there is a very small chance

Here is a very useful article about the effectiveness of condoms.

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condoms are only 99.7% effective and yes even with you didnt feel like you came it doesnt mean semen and sperm came out of you. She could be pregnant but I doubt it but just to be safe get a pregnancy test even though the good ones are also 99.9% correct. If in doubt go to a doctor

Answer #5

There are a number of things that could go wrong - doesn’t mean that they did but yes, possible if sperm somehow contacted egg…I wish you the best !!

Answer #6

Well…if you’re a girl then there is like a 3% chance of it happening, but your profile says that you’re a guy…which is it?

Answer #7

Depending if it stayed on most likely not but it is still a possiblty

Answer #8

there is a such thing as pre-ejaculation(pre-cum)…if the condom broke or fell off then your girlfriend should get a test done.

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