Can iget pregnant even tho hes wearin a condom and doesnt cum in me

Can iget pregnant even tho hes wearin a condom and doesnt cum in me

am 15 I've been with my boyfriend for a year already we do it a lot I've never gotten preggo but I was woundering if I can even if he pulls out and has a condom on we do that all the time he never cums in me and we wear condoms and we put it on the right way ,I was just woundering cause on of my friends also does it with her boyfriend a lot!! like me and my boyfriend and shes never gotten preggo and he pulls out with a condom ,can I still get preggo if my boyfriend doesnt cum in me with a condom on??

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theres atually a very slim chance you can but a chance none theless...If I were you I would take extra precausions putting it on ect. my cousin got preggo with her boyfriend and now she has to look after it! :/

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As long as he is wearing a condom, it is a VERY long shot that you would.
If he sticks his Johnson in you without a condom - even if he pulls out before ejaculating - there is a definite chance of pregnancy. That is WITHOUT a condom.

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You can NOTget pregnant if your boyfriend does not cum inside you or near your vagina. If on top of that he has a condom on, then you most definitely can NOT get pregnant. The important thing is to put the condom on right (which you already do!), make sure the condom is not past its expiry date and make sure it hasn't been damaged (do not use condoms that look tattered, old or if the packaging has been ripped).

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no you can not get preggo. if hes wearing a condom...unless you put it on the wrong way
which you said you don't but still or unless tshe condom has a hole in it and you don't know or it just bust open while your having sex.. but you cant get preggo. if he is wear a condom.

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nahh youu cant!!!

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