Could she get pregnant if I reused the condom?

ok me and my girlfriend lost our virginity togother but I used the same condem twice but I took it off then put it back on and it didnt break at all I was wondering what is the worse that could happen could she still get pregnant

Answer #1

yah she could. you should be careful.. its not worth it.

Answer #2

Of course she could get pregnant. Pregnancy is always a possibility when people have s*x. No method of birth control is 100% effective. That means even if you use the protection as intended, she could still get pregnant. When you use protection as it was not intended to be used, like you say you did, then obviously it decreases the effectiveness even more.

I would suggest you two not have sx again until you learn more about birth control and pregnancy. You should not be having sx until you have an adequate supply of birth control that you both know how to use. Your girlfriend should make an appointment with an ob-gyn so that she can get a checkup, pregnancy test, information, and birth control.

Answer #3

no but thats like really gross

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