Can you still get pregnant with birth control?

I’ve been wondering this (not that im going to do this at my age) but if you take birth control does the guy still have to wear a condom? And if the guy is wearing a condom and you arent taking birth control can you stil get pregnant?

Answer #1

I got pregnant while being on birth control. So dont think that birth control is 100% effective. The docs say im so fertile that I shouldnt even bother having birth control in my arm.

Answer #2

ONLY 100% safe - Abstinence.

Answer #3

99% is still 1 in 100 (people buy lottery tickets on lesser odds…) So yeah use a condom. And you dont know whether he’s got an STD, and you honestly never know if he’ll slip up and cheat (just that one time when he was really drunk). For your own protection, use a condom…

Answer #4

It all depends if you or the guy wear the comdom. Otherwise, I’ve heard if you don’t take the pill, its possible that you could get pregnant.

Answer #5

Well, 99% effective is good enough for me, so my boyfriend doesn’t bother wearing a condom. We were both tested for STDs, though, so I know for a fact that I’m not going to get anything from him. If you’re unsure, a condom is always a good idea, but those are only 98% effective, so you may want to bring on the birth control just in case!

Answer #6

you absolutely can get pregnant even when taking birth control pills! and always, always have the guy wear a condom! even if you think you can trust him, or that he has told you everyone he has been with… there are thousands of people walking around with std’s that have no idea they are infected! some people carry an std for years and years and never know! do some research on the web and you will find that there are some std’s like herpes that may not show signs for years, but can be passed all the same! so yes, he should ALWAYS wear a condom!

Answer #7

nothing is 100 % effective. They say birth control is something like 99 % effective if taken correctly, which is everyday at approx. the same time each day. The best thing to do is have your boyfriend wear a condom just to be extra safe, because people have gotten pregnant on birth control, and birth control doesn’t protect against std’s or sti’s

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