Why do spankings have to be on the bare

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Because it's punishment it makes them scream like hell

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Nah I never got it one the bare bottom =) but it still hurt just as bad.

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They don't have to, some parents spank over their kids' pants. I don't really see the point of that, I mean you're trying to get a message across to the kid, not the pants. All my spankings as a kid were on the bare behind. But it's not an absolute law.

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We got spanked with the hairbrush on the bare hiney.

My mom said that spankings were supposed to hurt and that's why we got them without any clothes on. She said that if we didn't like getting spanked all we had to do was to behave properly and do as we were told.

It all sounded so logical but every now and then I found myself across her lap getting my hiney blistered with that darn hairbrush!

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***Why do spankings have to be on the bare***

...because it feels better that way.


...wait... are you talking about PUNISHMENT?

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