Something wrong with my eyes. Everyone please read!

I was at the bodies museum 2nite. It was one of those museums that were very dark but it had very bright lights shining on the exhibits. And I was looking at an exhibit for a pretty long time & when I turned around from the exhibit I couldnt see. Everything went black. It took about one or two minutes for me to get my sight back. I got really scared and I couldnt walk so I sat on the floor. I dont know whats wrong. I dont wear glasses or contacts. I’ve gotten my eyes checked many times and my eyes have been fine. But I seriously seen absolutly nothing for a minute or two.

Anyone have an idea on whats wrong? Or what I should do?

[btw it was a scary expierience]

Answer #1

That’s like the same thing as when you’re outside and it’s really sunny out. And then you walk inside and everything is really dark. It has to do with your pupils and the way they dilate. It’s totally normal, no worries!

Answer #2

ok soo I’ve had that problem too before..I felt really weird and I felt like I was going to faint. well if you look at a flourestant like for a long time you tend to have that..and it mite have been bc you were tired too…?

Answer #3

you stared in the light that happens alll the time it takes a few minutes to fix but your not blind

Answer #4

its your eyes adjusting from the sudden change of light to dark. nothing to worry about

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