Please help , im getting insane

My eyes cant focus especially when reading ,, I was fine till about a month ago but my doctor says there is nothing wrong with it !!! what is wrong with me ? Im getting very angry and I thought about suicide ? Please help

Answer #1

can’t focus your eyesight and now your thinking about suicide. How bout this, I’m epileptic and I can’t focus on my future, today I’ve had 3 siezures already, am I thinking about suicide? NO!!! this is what life has to offer me and all I can say is this.. “Hey Life!!! Bring it on!!!”

Answer #2

if nothing’s wrong with your eyes as per your physician, then it must be your level of interest towards what you’re reading…

Answer #3

frist of all hun, no one that goregeous should want to kill themself if the why are that gorgeous & 2.just try another eye doctor maybe the first one made a mistake … ..

<3 giggles
Answer #4

first of all, if you are thinking of suicide, you need to get help and you need to go get it NOW!

Second, you should get a second opinion on your eyesight. Maybe you DO need glasses and the doctor you went to has no idea wha they are tlking about.

Answer #5

if your are seriously concidering suiside then I shouldnt be waisting my time informing you what could be wrong. lol. get help. and I agree a second opinion needs to be set up. im sure you need glasses or maybe there is something wrong with your actual eye. sometimes your eye can have a “pressure” buildup and they can fix that.

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