How to read eye prescriptions?

I want to buy contacts online. But the dropdown menus they provide online don't seem to match my prescription I have. I've even done searches online, a lot of them seem to be close, but not quite. My prescription reads like this:

R-EYE: -1.25 -1.25x086 add +(blank) add2 + (blank) PD (dist) 61
L-EYE: -1.50 -1.50x088 add +(blank) add2 +(blank) (near)58

Am I to asume that the "add, add2 & PD" sections don't apply? since the adds have no numbers except for the plus sign, and the PD is used for glasses only?

The site I was looking at was (with frequency 55 toric)

Is there something I'm doing wrong at the site? Or is it that the site can't process my specific prescription, which means I need to get them ordered directly through my optometrist?

Thank You so much for any help you can give me!!

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Try calling the 1-800 # they have then you can speak to a representative and they can walk you through it . . . Good Luck,

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