Why do my eyes burn whenever I take a shower...(please read description)?

Whenever I take a shower, my eyes start burning. I have to close my eyes really tightly because it burns so bad. Why does this happen? Please don’t say anything like “you got soap or shampoo in your eyes?” Or anything. It starts burning BEFORE I start using soap, or washing my head. Also, it’s not water, because whenever they start to burn, I haven’t gotten any water in my eyes.

Answer #1

i would say my eyes burn sometimes in the shower because of me getting shampoo or my face wash in my eyes.

Answer #2

Maybe the steam? I have no idea if that is even possible it’s just a guess haha.

Answer #3

Well like I said in the description, it isn’t that.

Answer #4

Maybe it’s the steam?

Answer #5


Answer #6

Possible I guess….IDK…

Answer #7

im not sure why but if you were to experiment by running hott water ina sink to see if the steam itself causes a burning sensation for your eyes it could just be steam but if its only in the shower it could be residue of cleaning product getting into the via steam from the shower head… good luck

Answer #8

do you wear contacts.?

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Answer #10

thx :)

Answer #11

Does your tap water contain a lot of chlorine? I know that sometimes it takes me a while to get used to the chlorine levels here when they increase. My eyes do the same thing when this happens.

Answer #12

Your very welcome i hope you figure out whats going on :)

Answer #13

That happens to me too! I don’t know why it is either. And I know it isn’t the steam because in the summer I take cool showers, no steam. I think part of it is sweat and different things on my face end up in my eyes when the water runs on it. I just try to deal with it and not let it bother me even though sometimes it does hurt a bit. In fact it bothers me even more if I have been out in the heat sweating that day.

Answer #14

Is it possible that the heat/steam is melting your makeup into your eyes a bit?

Answer #15

Wasn’t wearing make-up…

Answer #16

Hot water splashing into them…..most of us close our eyes often when we’re in the shower.

Answer #17

Really? I’ve always showered with my eyes open… That would make a great question for this forum!!!

Answer #18

Other than shampoo or soap irritating your eyes. There are other causes. Water is usually treated with high levels of chlorine, before it ever reaches your shower.

As far as the pain. Does it burn, does it feel like you have small rocks in your eyes? If so this can be caused by the temperature of the water coming from the shower head. The steam caused by the hot water can irritate the capillaries in your eyes, causing inflammation, leading to irritation. Try lowering the water’s temperaute, and turning the fan on in your bathroom. This may help.

Answer #19

nobody has come up with a plausible answer. this has been happening to me for years. my water comes from a private well….no chlorine or chemicals. i close my eyes tightly and rinse well before opening. eyes stay red for an hour. must be some kind of alergic reaction. even heard a man ask this question to a doctor on a talk show. the doctor just laughed and said he had never heard of such a thing. so we will continue with this problem indefinately.

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