is this true? if your a girl please please please help

I read this on a website but im not sure if its true… could vaginal discharge every day be due to lack of estrogen? bc my boobs arent growing either so im starting to think somethings wrong… and I’ve had my period for awhile im almost 16 and everyone in my family has big boobs. but I cant tell anyone or go to the doctor. pleaseee helppp

Answer #1

Every woman has vaginal discharge, it’s quite normal.

At 16, you are actually still growing, so give yourself time…keep in mind, though, that just because everyone else in your family has big breasts, doesn’t mean you are supposed to.

Answer #2

..and why can’t you go to the doctor? Doctors and nurses and the whole medical apparatus are there to help people who have questions or problems. They’ll probably find out that you are perfectly normal, and, as ichibankarky writes, you just need to give it some time.

Answer #3

Same here! Like the doctor part and everything too. Fun mail me so we cant talk about it :] I have no idea what to do.

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