Is smoking paper bad for you?

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no its only bad if you inhale it . but I blow and only a tiny bit of smoke gets in. but I wanted to inhale it to see if the paper will lite up red and it did . well actually orangeish . but I did it and all of it went down my throught and I got a buzz in my chest . and I felt like I was high , im 13 and scared is anything ganna happen to me . ii do it b.c its fun . and I smoked smarties once .. and sniffed pixysticks . is this stuff bad . I AM I GANNA DIE EARLY??!?!?! IM SCARED PLEASE RESPOUNDD !!

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...paper? the point in smoking paper is?

Is smoking paper bad for you?

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Yes,paper has chemicals in it,may not seem it but the lines you see on it are poisonous I believe,plus it's not smart at all.

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smoking ANYTHING is bad for you

Does it affect your health if you smoke paper?

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what's wrong with snorting pixie stick? It's fun

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This is just a stupid idea. It's almost as bad as snorting pixie sticks.

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yea it is because it has chemicals in da paper so I don't recommend you to do it it's stupid...

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I dont see the point in smoking it.. lol

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