Is smoking Hookah bad for you?

I never really thought about it, but my friend wants to open a hookah bar. I personally think it’s a stupid idea, because I hate smoking what-so-ever. But is it as bad as cigarettes? And there’s no drugs in it, right? Not even marijuana?Also, can you get addicted to it?

Answer #1

Yeah it is bad! I would keep away from it if I were you! I was addicted to it once and its terrible for your health cause you smoke it for much longer than cigs! A shisha session can last up to hour and a half! Thats a lot of smoking and god knows what kinda crap were breathing in!Shisha’s becoming really popular all over the world now and scientist don;t really know the full affects of shisha yet because it aint been studied but some scientist say its worse than cigs and I might agree on that!

Answer #2

smoking anything is bad for you. thats just it.

Answer #3

I think hookah smoking is not bad for health because if we compare to cigg… cig contins 4.0 % of nicotin… but in hookah 0.4 contins nicotin sooo we can say 100 hookah= 1 ceg…

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