if someone smokes in your house is that bad?

if someone smokes in your house and you smell all the smoke is that bad? what does it cause?and how can I aboid it(sorry some spelling errors)

Answer #1

yes it can make your ceiling go black smoke in the garden

Answer #2

yes, its bad thats called secondhand smoke and secondhand smoke is just as dangerouse and harmfull as smoking it is its recently been proven that a newborn baby can easily die of cot death if there people have been smoking near it smoking and secondhand smoke still cause llung cancer and contribute too many other diseases, cancers and breathing problems ask them to try to smoke outside if they have to or in a well ventilated rooom with the windows and doors open because you shouldnt have to breath it in

Answer #3

yeh its second hand smoke and you cant get cancer and sick from it and you can talk to those people or try to stay outta the house as much as you can. Or talk to an adult about it or someone you trust who would have advice for you if that dosn’t work out

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