Does smoking hookah even give you a buzz?

Does smoking hookah even give you a buzz? Or get you high? If not, why do people do it?

Answer #1

Oh yeah oops. No I’m saying like smoking the flavored tobaco in the hookah.

Answer #2

yeah it gives you a major tobacco buzz

Answer #3

probably cause its fun? I dunno, just trying to help. haha

-meg <3

Answer #4

Hookah is something you smoke out of, not a type of smoke.

Answer #5

people smoke flavored tobacco bacause its makes them light headed like a cigarette, and JessxFeisty is right, some people cannot handle it and get “high”

you get light headed because you are replacing air with smoke for your lungs to obsorb, and the toxins with the lack of pure air create the effect.

its great!

Answer #6

other then the fact that its awesome looking lol its smoother like a bong you DONT get high unless your smoking weed haha like smoking most tobacco some people get light headed not high but some people think they are im guessing cause they are light weights (which doesnt mean there actually body weight)

Answer #7

No, they dont get you high, like said above maybe a little light headed. People smoke it for the different flavors. Watermelon mixed with apple…mmm…

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