How do I smoke hookah?

do I inhale like I would breathe regularly and then just blow out? do I hold it for a couple seconds and then blow it out? how can I NOT cough? I’ve never smoked anything before.. how can I practice it? is there a way I can practice using something like fake smoke?

Answer #1

ok hookah is meant for flavored tabacco, like when I smoke a hookah I just take it in and hold it, I don’t inhale it, this way I just taste it and don’t harm myself a lot by inhaling it…if you want just hold it for a few seconds, hold it casually not like a blow fish with puffed up cheeks lol

Answer #2

lol yeah, horrormusic is right. you don’t inhale it, you’re supposed to swish it around your mouth so you can taste the tabacco. don’t hold it in your lungs unless you want an extreme cough attack.

Answer #3

hooka is flavored tabacco do not inhale just hold in mouth. Now for sk8 I agree with my boy Horror let’s not destroy her lungs just yet.

                                  Peace & love
Answer #4

haha oh yeah,I’m gunna be responsible now and tell you you’re too young to be doing that…lol ;)

Answer #5

dude you inhale it deep and hold it for 5 secs then let it go slowly

Answer #6

you hold it if its, uh… ‘special’ hookah.. which by the way are my favorite <<<33

california dreamin’, baby

Answer #7

haha, what the fck? sk8ordiekindaguy16 , it’s a hookah not fckin weed yo, we don’t want indianamami to hurt her lungs just yet

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