Can you smoke Hookah without the tabaco?

is it unhealthy even if you dont smoke it with the tabaco?

Answer #1

if u smoke a hookah without tobacco or another substance that burns…. whats the point?

Answer #2

still, if you just smoke it for the pleasure of smoking….

Answer #3

i didnt think it would smoke without anything to burn.. i have only smoked it with something in it… didnt know u couldnt

Answer #4

i dont know, i dont smoke hookah, thats why im asking

Answer #5

i dont think u can.. u have to have something to burn or produce the smoke.. so if u didnt have tobacco or something else in there to burn then u would be sucking air….

Answer #6

lol ok thanks :-)

Answer #7

Do you mean the molasses shisha? It’s not ever healthy inhailing smoke, but molasses shisha is definitely better for you then tobacco shisha. You just wont really get light headed but it still tastes good :)

Answer #8

thanks =), hookah is usually smoked more with tabacco than the molasses shisha?

Answer #9

Neither is really used more. Some people like shisha for the lightheaded effect from the tobacco, i personally just like smoking hookah cause it’s a nice calming thing to do :) i only smoke molasses and it’s just as good as the tobacco.

Answer #10

You can smoke it with basically anything. You can even put milk in instead of water and a few other experiments (believe me we have tried)

However CONTRARY to popular belief, the hookah is worse then cigarettes. The water does not filter out the harmful chemicals and because the tabacco or molasses usually used in hubbly are not as controlled as normal cigarettes, you often end up with MANY times the amount of dangerous chemicals than cigarettes have.

Then you can also get nasty throat infections because of sharing the pipe and not only that if you inhale water your lungs can get infected i.e. water on them. Difficult to get rid of and not a lot of fun.

So be informed and be careful.

Answer #11

is hookah addictive like cigarettes?

Answer #12

Yes. It can be. But because most people only do it socially they tend not to get addicted as quickly.

Answer #13

oh ok thanks..but its less addictive with molasses shisha than tabacco right>?

Answer #14

As far as I know, yes. I suggest you research it to be 100% sure.

Answer #15

ok thanks =)

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