is it ok to smoke a broken cigarette?

its bent in half and i wanna know if i could still smoke it…

Answer #1

The fact that it’s broken doesn’t make it any unhealthier than it already is

Answer #2

no. u shouldnt smoke it in the first place. u can die. i mean we are all gonna die, but i would rather die by something i know isnt my fault. i used to be aquainted with someone whose mom had throat cancer from smoking. also, getting lung cancer from smoking is common. pleez save a life and dont do it. save yours.

Answer #3

could i still smoke it?

Answer #4

If you really want to

Answer #5

its okay if you smoke the filter end lol

Answer #6

when i was a smoker over 1 year ago…

dont all cue up to gove me a round of applause.

i would use a rizla to repair it..

dont be a dingbat.

Answer #7

whats that?

Answer #8

The other day, my cigarette broke. It wasn’t completely broken in half, but it had a tear in it. If you try smoking it, you are only going to inhale air.

Either hold the tear closed with your fingers while smoking it, or tape it with scotch tape.

Answer #9

If there are no holes, rips, tears, etc…yes, you can still smoke it. Just try and straighten it out, and pack the tobacco back down by dropping the end of the filter down on a hard surface.

Answer #10

its a piece of thin paper used to roll a burn.

Answer #11

its broken in half

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