Do people roll their own cigarettes?

,,, I know smoking isn’t a popular theme, but I wonder about one thing: how common is it in the USA or other countries to just buy tobacco, and roll your own cigarettes with rolling paper? When I was in Canada, I never saw it anywhere, and when I lived in Belgium, I saw ONE old man rolling cigarettes. You just buy a good tobacco, special rolling paper with a little glue on one of the sides, put in, and spread the tobacco, roll it up, lick on the glue and roll it together.

Answer #1

It is expensive, and in some cases, whether it is buying the tobacco or picking up used cigarettes, you can save some money, you just have to roll up the tobacco yourself tho.

Answer #2

It is much cheaper to roll ur own

Answer #3

by ‘it is expensive’, I meant buying a pack of cigarettes is more expensive.

Answer #4

Yes, I know of several people who has stopped buying packs or cartons of cigarettes, and started rolling their own.

It is much, much cheaper. Here, you can get a bag of tobacco that will equal to about 3 cartons (30 packs) for less than the price of 1 carton of the cheapest cigarettes!

Instead of actually rolling them by hand (which takes a long time) a lot of people use hand operated cigarette rollers. These rollers can cost anywhere from $5 (for the smaller, cheaper made ones) to $45 (for the large, metal and heavy duty ones). Also, they usually get a box of about 200 “filtered tubes” which looks like a cigarette without any tobacco for about $3. These are what you place on the end of the cigarette roller, and the roller will push the tobacco into the tube. Making a cigarette.

Several of my family members have switched to rolling their own, instead of buying them already rolled because of how much cheap it is.

Answer #5

Yeah, it seems to be much cheaper everywhere. I roll mine by hand, without any filters. Doesn’t take long when you get used to it. Maybe 20 sec all in all.

Answer #6

I have actually found the electronic cigarette to b very afortable, I paid 85 dollars exactly one yr ago today and I haven’t put anything out in terms of money for anything since!!!!! Excelant deal if u ask me

Answer #7

Yes, I would assume someone could get used to rolling them by hand, and become faster and better at it. However, I personally prefer using a roller and filtered tubes as it does make it a bit easier… also, I couldn’t imagine smoking a cigarette without a filter. :-)

Answer #8

Well my wife buys the tubes and has a machine that will fill the rolls, this will make about 3 cartoons on cigarettes for about $30. I have a friend are work that grows yes own tobacco and he is trying to get me to do the same.

Answer #9

Yes this is what my wife does, and then I have a freind that grows tobacco.

Answer #10

i roll my own, way cheaper than the packets…. thanks to that i spend 1/4 of what i would with packets

keeps me busy as well :P

Answer #11

i roll my own blunts :)

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