How do I get beer smell off of my breath?

How do I remove the smell of alcohol from my breath after drinking beer

Answer #1

You can’t. Trust me, im a 31 year old alcoholic that has been drinking everyday for ten years. You cannot mask the smell no matter what you do. I just got out of rehab 3 weeks ago. The only answer, is to not drink, period. No joke.

Answer #2

sober up before going around sober peaple It is harder to hide than you think if you are really tieng one on it is really harder to hide the smell for long period of time even if you use breathments if you have been drinking you are going to forget to keep a fresh mint in and if you have been drinking you really dont want to have to wory about going thrugh all that truble . . so hide out with other drunks untile your body has had ample time to prosses the alcohale than chew a ment and go about your day…lisen to me kid I have been doing thise sort of thing awile just call mee a old pro

Answer #3

chutia sala pehle pee kyon thi…ab smell se fhat gayee..

Answer #4

Coffee, eating something and strong mints

Answer #5

BUT if after freshening your breath you belch then the smell will be back. If your under age then you shouldn’t be drinking.

Answer #6

a lot of ments ten gum

Answer #7

try findind air freshiners like fabreze or glad candles good luck

Answer #8

drink some vodka, Then you’ll just smell like Vodka. Our eat some peanuts. Don’t drink to much or this will happen see pic. Me picking up on cardboard

Answer #9

abey thoda onion kha le ya pan kha le

Answer #10

peanut butter…sounds retarded but it works. i keep those on the go sticks in my bag and my parents never realize. if they do its jus peanut butter.

Answer #11

A spoon full of Peanut Butter works wonders! And I would like to add that I think that the American Law about legal drinking age is WRONG. I grew up in Europe and there has been a lot less illegal drug use with teenagers than what I have seen here (less drinking and driving for SURE!) and I truly believe this is happening because, in the US, it is easier to get illegal drugs/prescription drugs that alcohol when you are under 21! If you are old enough to VOTE, go to WAR, rent an apartment, have a bank account on your own, then you should have the right to have a drink! Also, so many times young adults do not have the chance to experiment with alcohol in a healthy way (since it’s “forbidden”) so they binge drink and, a lot of times, turn into alcoholics!

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