how do you get rid of bad breath

how do you get rid of bad breath because im gonna kiss my girlfriend soon and I want to get my breath to not smell like s**t how do you ddo it without gagging

Answer #1

all members who gave the answers are right but must buy a toungue cleaner (plastic stick)rather than cleaning with toothbrush

Answer #2

First of all think about what you eat, garlic, cheeses and curry is an obvious no go. If you brush your teeth regularly and find that your breath just isnt fresh then (and im serious) brush your tongue with the toothbrush. Something like 80% of bad breath is caused by bacteria on the tongue so give it a scrub when you brush your teeth I guarentee that it will make your mouth fresher for longer! It really does work. Now if you know your going to try and kiss her on a particular day buy some minty gum to top up your fresh mouth and you can eat it on the go. You can also use some mouth wash if you dont, flossing really doesnt matter though.

Answer #3

go to the dentist and get a teeth cleaning and brush at least twice a day…

Answer #4

Umm, BRUSH YOUR TEETH in the morning, or before you kiss her .. & Eat a mint of gum, but get rid of it before kissing …

Answer #5

brush your teeth reguarly lightly brush your tounge as well because thats were most of the bacteria is flossing is also a good thing avoid foods like garlic, spicy meats, fish, dairy foods, cheese and eggs

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