How do I get rid of bad breath that wont go?

This has been going on for a little while now. I have horrible breath! Some details: I get bad breath after eating certain things. The smell is STRONG! I can almost “taste” my breath. I can smell my own breath, It’s that bad. It even goes bad a few seconds after I brush my teeth! I don’t have tonsils. It is a sourish smell. Any answers are MUCH appreciated, as I will write down all the tips given and hope it helps. But don’t tell me to chew gum because I don’t “chew” and I need a permanant solution. Thanks!

Answer #1

I have the same problem. You should drink a lot more. Also try mint’s

Answer #2

something that helps a lot is to get a spoon and scrape it on your thoung or they sell these things that are made for that also some tooth brushes come with thoung cleaners or scrubbers watever you call them

Answer #3

Sounds like a medical condition, probably a small problem. Try all sorts of breath fresheners and mints. Maybe you could carry tic-tacs with you. Alright since that’s pretty much the same as gum other ideas hmm… Go to the dentist; look at your teeth in the mirror to see if they look healthy. Maybe something is wrong and you can see it. Think about what you eat; record all the foods that give you bad breath and see if there are any similarities there. Try to avoid those foods then. Try out many different toothpastes. Google what the best toothpaste is. Ask your dentist about the toothpaste thing. Maybe you need to floss more. Try buying a mouthwash to go with brushing your teeth. Like get something, anything, that has fluoride in it because that helps your teeth immensely and just take a whole bunch of it all the time, rigorously, and over time the bad breath would go away. If you do find similarities in the food you eat perhaps you have an allergy. It could also be gingivitis because my friend has that. You just have to take UBER UBER good care of your teeth for a while to fight it.

Answer #4

The smell could also be coming from you lungs, in which chewing gum will only temporarily mask the smell lightly. There is nothing like someone with a Dr in front of their name!!! You should see one if you want to figure out what is going on.

Answer #5

Yes, I never floss. Never.

Answer #6

You have to floss! The plaque on you teeth is horrible and this may sound gross but try flossing one tooth then take the plaque off the floss with you pointer finger and thumb and smell it, and you will know why you are having bad breath. Another culprit is your tong, it has all that bacteria from everything you have eaten and drank. So, definitely brush and scrap your tong.

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