How to get your breath always smelling good?

What can I do so my breath can always be so fresh (and so clean clean)?

Answer #1

Several things can cause bad breath. It is normal to have awful breath in the morning because going hours without eating or drinking, odor causing bacteria thrive in your mouth.

Brush and floss to control odor causing bacteria in your mouth. If your tongue is glazed you may have to scrape it; your tongue can hold food particles just like your teeth. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables; a healthy diet is good or oral and gastrono-intestinal health. Ketosis from fasting or following low-carb diets can cause bad breath so if you are eating low or no carb to loose weight you may have to try something else. If after all of this you still have problems try taking activated charcoal tablets. After this you need to see your doctor.

Answer #2

Make sure you drink enough, makes a huge difrence. We think adults are supposed to get 64 oz. a day, thats 8-8 oz. cups of water (not other junk)

Answer #3

Brush well - Breath mints or Spray…Good luck !!

Answer #4

eat some tictac’s and brush more and if seriouse maybee some breathmints

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