Get rid of the smell of cigarettes?

How can I get the smell of cigarettes of your breath…my friend was smoking and I dont want my dad to know

Answer #1

your friend and you were smoking or just the friend if the friend why would you need to get rid of the smell?? but if your smoking too then get some minty fresh gum or some candy, brush your teeth, and southernsweety is ryte if you smoke it can make your teeth and fingure nails turn yellow…your liver also shuts down from that and drinking…also you should get some calogne or body spray or freebrezze your self and spray your house and your freind should soo the same excat thing…theres lots aways is this helpful so far?

Answer #2

just keep in mind whene you smoke it shortens your life makes your teeth and fingernails turn yellow it’s a very nasty habit.

Answer #3

you can brush your teeth, chew gum, shower, and bath in OZIUM (smoke neutralizer for your car) and the smell will still come off of you. can’t you smell someone that smokes from a mile away. I can.

Answer #4

I would suggest the Fresh breath strips! With (lemon peppermint) flavor! Here’s whats written on the back of its little tiny box: fresh breath with wonderful taste dissolve instantly & completely in your mouth gives you a powerful burst of great tasting flavour discrete, compact dispenser for convenient use any time, anywhere contains Xylitol low calories … There are other kinds that are for smokers, but its HOT! It burns like HELL! (my dad smokes) I always buy him this kinda stuff! I think your friend’s not doing sports is he?

Answer #5

That’s what I was wondering.^^^

Answer #6

if you were smoking gum rud it around your upper lip and bottom wash your hands and use hand sanitizer if availible or lotion spray yourself with some spray and if he smells it say it was a friend or their parents

Answer #7

When you play sports you will automaticly stop smoking! Thats true, no lie, I’ve seen it myself!

Answer #8

you can chew a mint leaves

Answer #9

Wait… you AND your friend were smoking or it just your friend?

Answer #10

you can’t… that smell oozes from your pores. If your dad doesn’t smoke, he can smell it.

Answer #11

If it was your friend then why do you need something for your breath lol. Chewies?

Answer #12

you have to stop smelly that and smell some thing differt

Answer #13

ohhh damn if I take a shower and drink somethin?

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