My friend has a problem (her vagina smells bad)

So as I said, my friends come to me in all their problems, and this problem is a new problem!! She told me that her vagina smells bad, and she never had a boyfriend wich means she never had s*x, why is it smelling so bad? I mean.. Sometimes I smell it myself, how can I help her?
She told me that she takes a shower everyday… Can someone give her advice on how to make it smell better? Tell me what to tell her, and how to tell her, please.

Thank you.

Answer #1

It’s normal for a vagina to have a smell that’s distinct to each woman and can be more or less intense depending on wheither they are ovulating or not. Sometimes people are so obsessed with smelling “good” they think they smell bad when they just smell normal. This being said, it’s abnormal to smell “bad” therefore the first thing to look at is hygiene: washing her vagina and surrounding area in between the folds and what not because sometimes bacteria multiply there (therefore it’s the bacteria that smells bad not her!). She should use natural moisturizing soap without color or perfume (they can cause vaginal infections also known as yeast infections or thrush). If she is a very active person (any type of sports) or slightly over weight (more folds where bacteria can hide) then she should shower after any type of physical activity. Next thing to look at is her health. She could have a vaginal infection (yeast infection or thrush) which could change the smell of her vagina. If she has any symptoms such as redness, itchiness, thick white discharge then she needs to either by a special creme from the pharmacy or go see a doctor asap. Otherwise only STDs can cause a bad smell. She could could see a doctor anyway just to check on her general health situation, some people have light infections that don’t bother them but could change their smell. As for telling her or helping her, well she came to you so there is no reason you should feel uncomfortable telling her what you’ve found out. Just tell her well you know that “problem” you had, well this what I learnt about it …” and then tell her what I’ve told you… That’s it! She’ll be grateful I’m sure since she must be feeling really insecure about it.

Answer #2

ok, thank you all

Answer #3

yep, they all do have there own smell first ask her if its been that smell the whole time, or if its changed or gotten worse recently it also could be some sort of infection but if its not, then the foods you eat has a great impact on what you smell like down there as well as the taste heres some things that make you smell/taste better down there melon, kiwi, pineapple,celery, strawberries, plums, oranges, mangoes, cinnamon, mint and green tea things that make it smell (and taste) bad are broccoli, salty foods, meats, fish, onions, chocolate and some medications and the really bad… asparagus, coffee, alcohol, ciggs, drugs and dairy

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