My best friend smells like poo

my friend who I have been friends with for 3 years has bad body oder what should I say to him or what should I do

Answer #1

A good friend will look after his friend’s best interests and be honest, good or bad - you care about their feelings - you wouldn’t want them out somewhere and be totally crushed in front of others - tell him.

Answer #2

Tell him that he needs to shower daily! Tell him to go out and get himself some toiletries. Or, if not that, he needs to see the doctor if it’s a medical issue. Most likely, it’s a hygiene issue though. Just tell him without affending him though. maybe you could take him to the side and confront him about that privately.

Answer #3

Just be honest… be like “Man! When was the last time you showered?!” or “Smells like SOMEONE forgot deodorant today…”. Being straight up with him will probably get the issue solved quicker.

Answer #4

bring cologne or something to school & ask him if he wants to borrow some. or casually ask him what deoderant he uses and tell him about the good kind you use. just reallly casual so he doesn’t get offended. :)

Answer #5

get him some deodorant

Answer #6

I for got to mention that people talk about him behind his back

Answer #7

Well, you could secretly put air fresheners on him. ..Or you could just say casually “Man, you smell like CRAP!” and he’ll get the hint.
Just say you care so much that you have to tell him. Idunno.

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