Addicted to cutting, if I do it again, will I get addicted again?

I use to slit my wrist. I did it about 48 times. I was addicted to doing it. If I did ever do it again will I get addicted to doing it again?

Answer #1

yes as tabzthestar said you r still addicted to doing it. Dont start again but if you do dont come looking for help hear unless you tell us a little moreabout why u are doing it. You might need help but you also might need people that UDONT KNOW to help work out your problems with you.

Answer #2

Cutting is psychologically addictive, it is not physically addicitve so it is hard to tell if you will continue cutting if you start again, but honestly if you start again, you haven’t learnt another coping method and you will probably continue cutting…

Answer #3

As I said before you really need to get help if this is a real problem for you. It cant be fixed overnight. Please tell someone you want help. Mel x

Answer #4

Yah you will. you need to talk to someone.

Answer #5

if you did it again your still addicted =] der ha.

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